I do not know a single person that actually likes moving. The entire process can be lengthy, time consuming and downright exhausting. But, sometimes moving can not be avoided. According to the US Census Bureau, the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. If you are about to embark on a move, there are ways to make moving easier.

Plan Your Move

Nothing will make your moving day smoother than some pre-planning. Search online sites and local packing stores to see what they offer that will make your move less stressful. Consider different items that you need to pack and buy boxes that work for each type of item. For example, rather than removing all of your clothes from their hangers, buy wardrobe boxes. You simply assemble the boxes and hang your clothes in the box. When you arrive at your new home, open the box and hang your wardrobe in your new closet. There are many box types. Being prepared with the right boxes will make your move so much easier. Consider these box types;

  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Flat panel TV boxes
  • Electronics boxes
  • Large, medium and small boxes
  • Dish and glass packing boxes
  • Artwork and mirror boxes
  • Corrugated wine packing boxes
  • File boxes

As you pack, consider completely packing one room before moving on to another space. After you close each box, add a label indicating what room contents belong in, and a general idea of what is in the box. For example, a box full of linens should say, “master bedroom – sheets .” This makes is so much easier on moving day. Rather than all boxes being piled up in the garage or family room, movers will know exactly where to put the boxes in your new home. Make sure to also mark if contents are fragile. Most moving suppliers sell brightly colored stickers indicating FRAGILE.

Tip: Help your movers by printing an 8.5″ x 11″ label for each room. Use painter’s tape to adhere label to the doorway of each room in your new house. Simply telling them the box belongs in “Michael’s Bedroom” isn’t enough.

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Plan for Children and Pets

Moving can also be stressful for children and pets. Ask family members or friends to watch your children while you pack. It is also helpful to have some help on moving day. Trying to entertain a young child while also managing all of the movers can be trying at best. You will be tired and stressed and likely your children will pick up on that. Find a fun activity, local camp or play group that they can enjoy while you manage the move. The same goes for your pets. They can get lost or injured by all of the activity on moving day. Consider asking for help or boarding them for a few days while you pack up.

Clearly Mark Essentials

Once all of the boxes have arrived at your new home, it could take weeks to unpack all of them. Consider packing boxes that you will need sooner than the rest. In these boxes, pack items like sheets, a few towels and toiletries (remember toilet paper) for each family member. Don’t forget your pets. They will need food, medicine, toys and a bed to make your new home feel like their new home, too.

Unfortunately, when we move into a new home it is not always spotless. Pack a box of cleaning supplies that you will need right away. For instance, before you put all of your dishes into the cabinets, you will need to clean each shelf. Pack plenty of cleaning supplies including paper towels, garbage bags and hand soap.

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This infographic, compliments of Florida Realtors, outlines many more ideas to ensure a smooth, stress-free move.

As you are in the midst of chaos that is called moving, remember to take a deep breath. Soon enough you will be settled in your new home, relaxing and making it just right for you and your family. Planning really does go a LONG way. Before you even think of of buying a single box, do an inventory of your home. Walk around and think about what you are keeping and what you can either sell, giveaway or donate. I like to use Evernote to keep track of just about everything. You can easily start a notebook in Evernote that contains everything important to your move. Within a notebook you can have separate notes for things like;

  • Moving Checklist
  • What to Sell, Giveaway or Donate
  • Mailing List for Change of Address Notes
  • Contacts for Moving (movers, helpful family and friends, utility companies, insurance company, alarm company…)
  • New Home Details (address, policies, codes for garage key pad, phone numbers for local businesses…)
  • Moving Day To-Do List
  • Things to Do Once You Are Settled In (for example, send thank you cards and write online reviews for any business you would recommend…)

One last note for moving day. You will be tired and busy. It’s easy to forget about eating and hydrating. Before the move, plan on either ordering food delivery for you and the crew or have a cooler packed and ready to transport with you to your new home. Fill it with plenty of water, sandwiches, salads and snacks.

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Good luck with your move!